Nampa: Named After Serial Killer 

Nampa: Named After Serial Killer

It can often seem like Nampa is getting safer, blander and better-smelling by the day. Gone, it seems, is the rough railroad town that was, according popular legend, named after a murderous highwayman--Nampuh, Shoshone for "Bigfoot," who terrorized Southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon in the mid-1800s before getting killed in a gunfight in Owhyhee County. No, seriously.

But while Nampuh himself may supposedly be lying, deader than a sugarbeet, over in Reynolds Creek Canyon, a few young Nampans (or Nampax, as the author sometimes called them in his Canyon County youth) live within his desperate, violent mold to this day. Three such vessels, feverish with the spirit of their town's namesake, knocked over a Maverick on 12th Avenue in Nampa at 3:30 a.m. last Friday. They even did it old-west-style, complete with bandanas over their faces and a shotgun pointed at the clerk. The crime is still under investigation.

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