Narc On Bruce Banner 

Here's your chance to turn the tables on that roided-out menace to society known as the Incredible Hulk. The famous green beefcake in his wee purple shorts--or possibly just some thoughtless churl doing a passable impression of the Hulk--is suspected of going all "Hulk mad, Hulk SMASH!" on the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial over the weekend. A tour guide found the memorial's centerpiece, a cast bronze doppelganger of Anne herself, lying on the sidewalk like a dead bug on Sunday morning at about 10:20 a.m. Damage to the statue was reportedly nothing more than a scratch on the head and a chipped finger. But that singular aggro-spasm didn't satiate the suspect's rage against the world of inanimate objects, because officers also discovered that one of the landscaping boulders in the memorial had been knocked over. On Monday, the city police program Crime Stoppers announced it would pony up $1,000 in reward money for tips leading to the perpetrator's arrest. The Ada County Human Rights Task Force has announced that it's good for an additional $500. To avenge the statue and collect your winnings, ring Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.

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