National Lampoon Moose Mug 

Drink your egg nog out of a moose head.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation includes an iconic scene in which buffoon breadwinner Clark Griswold guzzles glassfuls of alcoholic eggnog. Clark sips the hooch from a mug shaped like a moose head, while dealing with uncouth cousin Eddie and his destructive dog, Snot.

"Can I refill your egg nog for ya?" Clark asks Eddie. "Get ya something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere, leave you for dead?"

Christmas Vacation's departure from typically sappy holiday themes made it a classic for many families and spurred Warner Bros. to license a grip of official merchandise for the film. Enter Christmas Vacation Collectibles, an entire website dedicated to pawning those products, including reproductions of the famous moose mug.

According to the website, each moose mug is made of hand-crafted glass, modeled after the Wally World mascot introduced in the original Vacation movie. Each chalice features two dopey eyes, a protruding snout and a pair of antlers attached at either side, both of which are removable to facilitate easy dishwashing.

Each moose cup holds roughly 6 ounces of liquid, and costs $19.95 each. The cups can be purchased individually or in boxed sets, with a dozen moose mugs available for $209.88. A punch bowl, which can hold 90 ounces of liquid, is available separately for $69.99.

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