Nattali Rize 

It's impossible to sit motionless through a Nattali Rize song. The project—which is named after its musician-activist founder—pumps out juddering reggae beats that translate into nodding heads, tapping feet and swiveling hips wherever it appears. While Rize herself calls both Australia and Jamaica home, her empowering lyrics and her project's strong stance against injustice, inequality and racism have taken root worldwide, aimed at a group of listeners she refers to as simply "The People." Rize puts her money where her music is, too, by partnering with organizations like American Relief Centers while on tour. "There is definitely a responsibility to use whichever platform you have to do the greatest good in life. For us that's our music, the stage, the microphone," Rize told Rootfire Editor Brian Nelson. Catch Nattali Rize at Reef on Tuesday, Feb. 19, to join the do-good revolution.

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