Dear Minerva,

We live across the street from a strange person. The day we moved in, five years ago, I waved and said "hi" only to be greeted with a VERY angry face and mutterings. There is no way to communicate with him. He stands across the street and calls me "fatty," repeatedly, like a 6-year-old. I do not respond. Now he has escalated to backing his truck almost into our yard when leaving his driveway. There is no need. I ALWAYS lock the doors, as I am afraid to have them unlocked when my husband is away. I am not sure what to do at this point. I can almost feel the waves of anger from him. I was considering going to the police, but am almost sure this would only escalate things further. Any suggestions would be helpful. I am starting to feel threatened.

Thank you,

—Feeling Afraid

Dear Afraid,

I am not a legal professional, so I encourage you to seek legal advice from the police or an attorney. My suggestion to you is to document every instance of his behavior. You will want proof to show authorities. With the way it is escalating, you should at least reach out to the police department for advice. I know you are hesitant to involve them but there are laws about disturbing the peace, which is exactly what he is doing. He is already causing you to feel afraid and threatened. No one should have to live in terror.

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