Neill Blomkamp is a Tease 

With that face, Neill Blomkamp is probably a great poker player.

photo by Spencer Weiner

With that face, Neill Blomkamp is probably a great poker player.

Why is it that the existence of creatures we've seen "photos" of--the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, the Montauk Monster--is more difficult to believe than a Hollywood film about something equally unlikely?

Director Neill Blomkamp did such fine work on District 9 (with some help from producer Peter Jackson), it was easy to buy into it as not only entertainment but as a possible future. Looks like he may be at it again.

Wired magazine's December 2010 iPad edition--an enhanced digital-only edition--contained a "hidden" teaser from what we can only hope will be Blomkamp's next feature film, Elysium. It's exceptionally short at a 1:02 minute run time, but eerie as hell: Two men drive down a rutted dirt road toward a muddy, dun-colored puddle. One of them is laughing awkwardly as they step out of a car and head toward a pink pig-like creature--that is far more creature than pig.

Word on Elysium is nil, other than it is supposedly set on another planet--but the two guys in the trailer are driving a car and speaking English--should supposedly be out in 2012 and is tied to Key Creatives Studio, the people who brought us District 9 and The Lovely Bones.

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