Neko Case, Aug. 29, Wood River Cellars 

I enjoy going to shows because it's nice to see a person I admire perform music that I typically only hear pumped through my headphones. But to be honest, I'm usually a little disappointed. The crowd might be too rowdy for me to enjoy my favorite song, or sometimes the singer's voice isn't nearly as powerful in person as it is after it's been tweaked and polished by a sound engineer.

Neko Case has the kind of eerily perfect voice that made me nervous to hear live because I didn't want to discover that she is another vocalist who sounds so much better recorded than in person. I went to her concert last Friday at the Wood River Cellars in Eagle expecting I would enjoy the show because I love her music, but I didn't expect to be struck dumb by her voice.

From the start, she played songs that are my favorites, including "Deep Red Bells," and by the end, I was acting like one of those adoring fans you see on Backstreet Boys concert videos, screaming and crying like a jealous lover. Case's voice is far more stunning in person than on her albums, as though there has yet to be invented a recording device that can capture the magnitude of her sound. And, judging the reaction of the small but enthusiastic crowd, I wasn't the only one moved to tears by the red-haired siren.

—Anna Demetriades

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