Neptune, Robots, Love: HomeGrown Theatre to Stage 'Horizon Three' 

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HomeGrown Theatre

A woman astronaut all but alone in the neighborhood of Neptune, a robot that has fallen in love with her, an alien refugee—these are the objects in orbit in HomeGrown Theatre’s new production, Horizon Three.

“We have only one human in this play, but truly, we come to see them all as human,” said HomeGrown Theatre Managing Director Jaime Nebeker, who will play the aforementioned astronaut, Georgia Lawson.

From the outset of the play, which will run through Saturday, Jan. 5, at the Gem Center for the Arts, Georgia’s mission has gone awry. Her onboard robot has fallen hard for her, and she’s about to meet Voxiable, an alien tinkerer fleeing a civil war on a faraway planet.

Humanity is jealously guarded real estate off stage, too: Throughout history, all kinds of people have been denied basic rights and courtesies on account of everything from skin color to politics to religion to sexual orientation, and finding reasons to call others inhuman is something of a horrid pastime. Horizon Three gives two examples of non-humans that burst with personhood. As for Georgia herself, Nebeker said that despite the character’s exotic situation, she brings a lifetime of experience to the part she’ll play.

“I have a lot of personal garbage that I can dig out and pull from personal experiences of, even in this day and age. I’ve fought so hard just to be heard in a room full of men, to be heard and to be taken seriously, to know that I can move this stressor from here to there,” Nebeker said. “It’s the small things, of course, but [Georgia] is already at her limits.”

The action of Horizon Three takes place on board a space station. It’s an elaborate setup prompted by playwright Isabella D’Esposito, but HomeGrown Theatre has brought on one of the brightest arts/technical minds in Boise as director: Kyle Morck, the tech whiz behind LED.

“He’s a surprising genius in every capacity,” Nebeker said. “Everything he does for us, it’s as if that’s his niche thing. Everything is his niche thing.”

Tickets are valued at $10-$35. Plus, there will be a pay-what-you-want preview night on Friday, Dec. 21, with a recommended donation of $5 per seat. Shows start at 8 p.m.
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