Netflix Scares Up Plenty of Asian Horror 

Asian horror films often follow three leitmotifs: revenge, stories based on urban legends or possession. And especially in J-horror (Japanese horror), one trope usually trumps--a young female ghost with long, stringy black hair is hell-bent on payback against those who caused her death.

Following are three particularly suspenseful Asian horror offerings that Netflix has available on DVD or to watch on demand.

A Tale of Two Sisters--Sisters Su-mi and Su-yeon are hospitalized after their mother's death. Upon their return home, they find a ruthless stepmother, an apathetic father and a house full of unexplained and terrifying happenings. This one makes Shyamalan twists look like child's play. Korean with English subtitles. Revenge and scary ghosts? Check.

Premonition--While using a pay phone to get help with a stalled car Hideki reads a strange newspaper clipping about the death of his daughter. But how could that be? She and his wife are waiting for him in the car. When his daughter is killed exactly in the manner the paper said, Hideki's whole life crumbles. Years later, when he sees precognitive articles popping up in the newspaper again, he takes it upon himself to prevent the tragedies. But for every action, there is sometimes a terrifying consequence. In Japanese with English subtitles. Based on an urban legend.

Phone--What if when your cell phone rang, death was on the other end? Reporter Ji-won begins receiving creepy calls. When her friend's daughter accidentally answers the phone, the child suddenly begins to act unsettlingly strange. Ji-won soon finds that she is not the first to have that number and that everyone who had it before her is dead. And somebody or something is out for (surprise) revenge. Korean with English subtitles.

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