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We all have that friend who's full of bits of spacey wisdom about quantum physics, the biochemistry of bliss and being #blessed.

If you're friends with that person on Facebook, you're treated to a steady stream of "inspirational" or "perspective changing" memes, almost all following a template: profound-sounding statement overlaying a mystical scene from nature.

Unless you've had your mind similarly expanded, it all probably comes off as a load of, well, bullshit. But just because you're cynical, doesn't mean you can't play along. It's as simple as visiting and the New Age Bullshit Generator.

Click the "reionize electrons" button and you'll manifest your own deep thoughts, like, "Reality has always been bursting with travellers whose hearts are transformed into peace." Or, "This life is nothing short of a condensing spark of amazing being."

The New Age Bullshit Generator is completely automatic and will provide not only woo-woo aphorisms, but full essays of utter gobbledygook—perfect for sharing with your enlightened friends, and a helluva lot cheaper than Burning Man tickets.

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