New CDizzle in the Hizzizzle • On a completely different (and twangier) note 

New CDizzle in the Hizzizzle

My Ghetto Report Card, rapper E40's 12th studio was released on Tuesday, March 14. With Lil' Jon on his team, the two are working on a video showcasing "hyphy," a Bay Area movement.

On, 40 explains hyphy: "Hyphy music is like Crunk, but in a more up-tempo way. The culture is a way of life for Bay kids. We got the side shows, the muscle cars, we ghost ride the whip, we got the invisible driving, the music, the go dumb get stupid dances, we just actin' a fool expressing ourselves. You've got to see it to believe it." Oh, I'll be seeing it.

On a completely different (and twangier) note ...

The Dixie Chicks are scheduled to release their latest, Taking the Long Way, in May of this year. Co-written by all three members of the band, the CD contains "Not Ready To Make Nice," an answer to the backlash the band received after singer Natalie Maines badmouthed President Bush a couple of years ago. Apparently, the Chicks are not familiar with the term "let it go."

--Amy Atkins

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