New City Bike Lockers 

Back in the day, lockers were the primary vehicle for personal expression. You'd decorate them with cutouts of your favorite teen beefcakes, slam them when you were feeling particularly misunderstood, or stuff personal, artfully folded correspondences through their steely slats. But then you grew up, and, poof, your locker was gone. Now, the only contact most of us have with these secure spaces is slipping a padlock around a musty, shared gym locker. Well, the Downtown Boise Association, with financial help from the City of Boise Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, hopes to create a locker revival.

On the ground floors of the Capitol Terrace and Eastman Parking Garages, new rows of bike lockers will be installed. For $15 per quarter and a refundable $50 deposit, full-time bicycle commuters can lease one of these handy lockers so that they don't have to worry about bike or bike accessory--helmet, lights, cycling shoes, seat--theft. To get your very own bike locker to decorate however you please, check "yes," "no" or "maybe" then contact the Downtown Public Parking Office at 208-368-7944.

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