New DVD's: Exit Through the Gift Shop and Hawaii-Five-O (book 'em) 

Exit Through the Gift Shop

In a year that saw some top-drawer documentaries, Exit Through the Gift Shop was among the best. It's a hilarious, outrageous look at a corner of the art world few may even know exists.

The film documents a French immigrant obsessed with graffiti artist Banksy and viewers are given a front-row seat to some of the most controversial street art on the globe. When the director becomes the subject of his own movie--and the original subject takes over the direction--it's a complex but thoroughly entertaining examination of commercial art. No wonder it's on the short list for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar.

Hawaii Five-O, The 10th Season

Hawaii Five-O is one of the breakout successes of 2010. But long before there were the pretty boys of the current CBS hit, there was the original, which ran for 12 seasons on CBS from 1968-1980. You haven't seen kitschy '70s melodrama until you've seen Jack Lord as the original Steve McGarrett. Next week, the 10th season of the original Five-O hits the beach--that was the last year that McGarrett teamed up with Danny Williams, Chin Ho and Kono (played by a scary-looking actor known only as Zulu). The original Five-O was surf's-up when the good guys faced off against the infamous Wo Fat, a criminal mastermind. Aloha!

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