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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


One of 2010's guilty pleasures hits DVD queues Tuesday, Jan. 25. Expect it to rocket to No. 1 on Netflix, Redbox and Blockbuster. Red refers to "retired and extremely dangerous," a new code for being 50-something, armed and pissed.

When Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich showed up to tease Red at, of all places, Comic-Con last summer, the buzz trumped a lot of other standard superhero fare.

The plot is way too layered to explain fully. Just know that it includes black-ops, Cold-War lust and a huge body count. Malkovich steals every scene with his paranoid conspiracy theories and wild costume changes. Director Robert Schwentke (The Time Traveler's Wife) does a crackerjack job with this fast-paced action comedy.

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Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy was a critical and box-office hit in England but limped through a North American release. The Weinstein Company did an abysmal job promoting this biopic of a young lad named John Lennon in Liverpool.

Nowhere Boy is about the teenage Lennon (played wonderfully by Aaron Johnson) who is adrift, floating between his birth mother (Anne-Marie Duff) and his aunt (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Hearts skip a beat as a young Lennon first meets Paul McCartney and George Harrison. And the soundtrack is a Whitman Sampler of rock and roll: Elvis Presley, Big Mama Thornton, Chuck Berry, Little Richard.

Nowhere Boy is a beautiful melody of how two women raised the man who redefined rock 'n' roll.

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