New LED Video Imagines a Day in the Life of an Astronaut 

click to enlarge Brett Perry plays an astronaut in the new LED video, "Idol Love."

Kyle Morck

Brett Perry plays an astronaut in the new LED video, "Idol Love."

The new video from Boise-based arts collective LED is out of this solar system.

In "Idol Love," which was released on YouTube on Feb. 22, an astronaut—played by frequent LED contributing dancer Brett Perry—tosses clothing into a coin-operated washing machine as music fades in and out. Vocals by LED Creative Director Andrew Stensaas kick in, and the astronaut is transported to a black space where he dances as projections of the cosmos play on his space suit.

The video was directed by LED Managing Director Kyle Morck, who said it was made over five days in January for a donor event, but he continued tweaking it ahead of its wider release. The music was sourced from the most recent performance by the collective, Waters Into Wilderness, which took place at The Morrison Center in November 2017.

"We just wanted to experiment with the concept of setting up a projector in a dark space, but have a material that really showed that projection, that creates a trippy effect to it," Morck said. "I've also just been very intrigued by the concept of astronauts just going about, kind of, mundane activities."

The last standalone dance piece by LED, "Sleep in the Den," was made in July 2017, and according to Morck, its production required more money, dancers and effort in pre-production. For "Idol Love," Morck had access to the Idaho Dance Theatre space at Boise State University, where he and his team undertook a process of trial and error, eventually arriving at their final product.

"We really just wanted to get together and explore some creative ideas. We spent two full days in that black studio space and went through a lot of false starts with the projection before we landed on something that really worked," he said.

Check out the full video below:

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