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New Residue, Michael McFalls and John Swindler 

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OF 12
Lex Nelson
Lex Nelson
The neon for this piece was sourced from Rocket Neon in Boise. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
For New Residue students and visiting artists build new forms from scraps. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
Students spray painted lengths of wood for this piece, which McFalls then fastened together with zip ties. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
In this piece, the painted drop cloth partially obscures a "quilt" made from old prints that students cut up, then taped together to form new images. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
This display features small metal and ceramic castoffs from the Boise State Art Department, painted and shaped into new art pieces. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
One of the largest installations in the room, this towering piece stands easily ten feet high. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
A close look reveals a hodgepodge of metal, plastic and paper all crumpled and sprayed with paint. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
Beams held together with zip ties enclose a mass of artistic leftovers. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
Many of the forms on this table are "flocked," sprayed with fibers that give them a velvety appearance. Read more here »
Lex Nelson
McFalls rescued this sculpture from the trash because he thought, "the failure was beautiful, and kind of pathetic." Read more here »
Lex Nelson
Sculptor Michael McFalls poses with one of the works created for New Residue. Read more here »
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