New Species Found South of Boise 

The military doesn’t like it when you talk about fairies but the Idaho National Guard sure does. A new species of freshwater fairy shrimp has been discovered in normally dry playa lakebeds 12 to 15 miles South of Boise managed by the ING within the Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. This mean little fairy shrimp is one of the four largest species of crustaceans in the genus discovered worldwide and sports spiny front legs, long antennae and a long, forked tail. A voracious predator on its smaller brethren, it is eerily similar to the larval stage of the ugly extraterrestrial in the Aliens movie franchise. They live for short periods of time in the lakes only in years when an abundant amount of water exists. Discoverers Dana Quinney and Jay Weaver declined to give it a non-Latin name and would not announce the full Latin name until after the official recognition of the species once their scientific paper regarding its discovery has been published in the Journal of Crustacean Biologysometime next winter.

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