Upcoming Statehouse Rally to Support Embattled Boise State Inclusion, Diversity Programs

The rally will take place at the Idaho Statehouse on Saturday, July 20, at noon.

Idaho Democrats Respond to Republican Letter to Boise State President Tromp

"Colleges like Boise State University help our citizens (present and future) achieve security for their families by ensuring equal access to world-class educational opportunities and by reducing obstacles for underserved communities."

Boise Reopens Pioneer Day Shelter as Temperatures Soar

Located at 500 S. Ash St. between downtown and the Boise River, the shelter is now in its 11th year as a place for families in need to spend the day during periods of potentially dangerous weather.

Idaho Conservation Group Study: Industrial Dairy Contributes Significantly to Polluted Aquifer

The Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer serves 300,000 Idahoans, and bovine waste is contaminating it.

Boise Fire Department Responds to 18 Fires During Independence Day Period

In 2018, the Boise Fire Department responded to 10 fires during the same time period.

Boise's World Refugee Day Celebration

"Is there anything more important than home?"

Ketamine: This Party Drug May Cure Depression

When the Boise Ketamine Clinic opened three years ago, it was only one of 12 clinics in the nation; now there are more than 150

Holly Harris

Snake River Alliance Executive Director: No cable TV, no car, no 'Dirty Dozen'

Growth Tops Concerns in Latest Treasure Valley Survey

"You can see there's a really sizable change that takes place since we last asked this question," said Jeffrey Lyons of Boise State University's School of Public Service, which conducted the study. "This is a real shift in mentality for these residents."

'The R-Word': Debate Over Native American School Mascots Gets Heated at Idaho Statehouse

At the event, Andre Billeaudeaux sought to ground the use of Native American mascots and symbols at schools in American history, but the audience was having none of it.

Roger McNamee

Sun Valley Wellness Festival Special Guest and Bestselling author of 'Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe'
"We may not recognize how dangerous this has become, but it affects us all."

McCall's 4th of July Booze Ban (Part Four)

A ban of alcoholic beverages will be in effect for 24 hours at beachfront city parks in the City of McCall, including Legacy, Brown, Davis Beach, Art Roberts and Rotary parks.
"We've slowly been scaling back through the years."

Boise Public Library Hosts Informal Conversation Hour for Non-English Speakers

“It is really inspiring. People who come here as refugees are so hard working and they want to get off assistance as fast as they can. They want to be independent."

You Can Now Search the Full Text of 3 Million Nonprofit Tax Records for Free

Search the full text of nearly 3 million nonprofit IRS filings, including investments and grants given to other nonprofits.

What's For Lunch? Picnic in the Park Begins Its 2019 Season in Boise Parks

“The summer food program has a near and dear place in my heart.”

'Locked,' the Podcast

"We're at a pivotal moment in terms of transgender rights, and a critical moment for our criminal justice system."
Listen to a preview of Locked by clicking here.

May 29, 2019: What to Know

Best of Boise has hit newsstands, Robert Mueller makes a public statement, Alex Trebek is reportedly in "near remission" from pancreatic cancer, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would fill a Supreme Court vacancy near the end of Trump's current term in office, and Boise Bicycle Project announces this year's goathead cleanup operations.

Idaho Supreme Court Upholds ISP Whistleblower Verdict, Slaps Down Cap on Damages

"We have to rely on good, honest, courageous people who stand up in whistleblower cases such as this," Eller's attorney. Sometimes their fight is the only thing that will let us see the light of day."

Boise Police Searching for Suspects After 13th Street Knife Attack

Investigators are calling on anyone with knowledge of the incident or suspects to call dispatch at 208-377-6790, or Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.

May 24, 2019: What to Know

Theresa May quits, nearly 230,000 Idahoans will hit the road this weekend for a rather damp Memorial Day, Boise School District classes are out for the summer and critics lambaste Disney's remake of Aladdin.


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