Nice and Nicely Done: The Spinto Band 

Written on the insert of this CD is the phrase "for roy." This is a clue to an interesting bit of background information about this group. states that Nice and Nicely Done was inspired by lyrics written by guitarist Roy Spinto, which grandson and band member Nick Krill found penned on Cracker Jack boxes in his attic. There you have it ... the name of the band and the spark that led to this CD. Now, on to the music from this crackerjack band. Some sources highlight surface similarities between the Spinto Band and groups like Flaming Lips and Pavement. Slices of the Spinto Band's tunes, such as the vocal harmonies and creative orchestration of their instrumentation, come across with the sophistication of the Beatles. But there is much more to the Spinto Band that puts them in a box of their own: the harmonic and textural diversity of songs, and their creative sense of rhythm. On several songs, there is syncopation between instruments and vocals that will catch your attention. This sort of rhythmic orchestration by pop bands most always puts a smile on my face, and I'm still humming the verse melody of "Brown Boxes." Other songs contain interweaving melodies and chord work, indicating that the Spinto Band has made a diversified use of its seven members. There's not enough space here to adequately articulate and analyze all the interesting nuances of Nice and Nicely Done, so just get it and listen to it yourself. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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