Nicholas Collias' Favorite Recipes for World Series Commercial Breaks 

1. Nutella and dog hair on saltines (dog hair is unintentional; product of a house that won't be cleaned until post-Series).

2. Beer float--but not the classic vanilla-in-Guinness. Try Girl Scout Cookie ice cream in Sam Adams, as a tribute to hapless Red Sox fans. And to the Girl Scouts ... for some reason.

3. Florida Salad: Edamame, cocktail shrimp and Tapatio hot sauce. So named because natural disasters will be imminent in the southern hemisphere, if you get my drift.

4. Animal crackers, salted and dipped in salsa.

5. Coffee grounds heaped on a Cadbury bar, for the extra innings.

6. Anchovy-wrapped string-cheese--perfect for both the bachelor and bachelor-to-be.

7. My foot--after having bet on the Cubs.

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