Night at the Museum 

How, you ask, can Good Morning America reviewer Joel Siegel say that Night at the Museum is "Ben Stiller at his funniest?" Well, clearly he's never seen any other Stiller movie. Or he watches films from a 10-year-old's perspective. Either way, I assure you, Ben Stiller has been funnier.

To be honest, this movie isn't really funny at all. But then, I haven't found newly-come-to-life monkeys peeing on some guy's coat funny in years. Aside from the museum director role played by Extras star Ricky Gervais, most of the characters are historical caricatures and are far more silly than humorous.

It's the kind of movie I would have adored in grade school, and the PG rating means it's safe for that crowd. It features the stars of a lot of more adult-themed comedies, such as Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Robin Williams and even ones the older set watched in black and white, like Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney.

Expect lions and giant dinosaur skeletons charging around a magical museum in Jumanji-like fashion, but don't be surprised if after popping this flick into the DVD player for family movie night, your excited tots crowd the TV cooing "ooh" and "ah," and you nod off a bit. Twenty-somethings probably ought to pass altogether.

It's not an unwatchable film by any means, but if you never get around to seeing it, don't feel too badly.

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