Ninth Annual Fiction 101 Contest 

Telling tales in just 101 words

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Honorable Mention, $50

K. Tyler Christensen, Boise

The Anniversary

The bag next to Christina was pink with crunchy paper stuffing inside. Alvin pecked at the leftover food on his plate.

Christina reached into the guts of the bag and pulled out a toy polar bear that pooped jellybeans when pressed on its hind legs.

She squinted, "I don't get it."

"It's funny." He loaded a jellybean into the gullet and the bean plopped down onto the table linen, "See." He grinned.

They both grabbed for the candy at the same time, but Alvin had it half chewed, sugar exploding between his molars.

Arms folded, Christina said, "This isn't working, Alvin."

Honorable Mention, $50

Daniel Clausen, Boise

What a Shot Can Do

He knelt on his stiff knee. It was not a day for absolutes, though it was as cold as ever, and the sky said nothing. The black rocks and the bitterbrush had the same motions, same softs overlain with angles. He wondered about Ruth, as his finger nudged the leather strap. He willed some doe to wander up from the dry wash. She would be eating breakfast in the grey which would linger. And when the moment came, if it came, he would be able to see nothing. He would never touch her, even if he opened her. The gulf returns.

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