No Lab Coat Required 

School may be out in Nampa, but the chemistry lab stayed open until last Saturday, June 9, when Nampa Police flatfoots busted a meth lab operating less than a block from Skyview High School. Funny thing is, when the officers showed up at 30-year-old Verl Terry's house to serve Terry a search warrant, it was concerning an unrelated crime. Funnier thing is, the officers didn't end up needing to do any searching, because they actually walked in on Terry making methamphetamine. And the funniest thing of all: the reason they were able to walked in on Terry is he was standing in his garage, swirling a beaker next to a meth lab, while the garage door was wide-freaking-open—and remember, this is a half a block from a school.

Now, before you get all "I can't believe this dangerous international drug cartel was operating so close to a public school that the principal probably had a contact high," understand that Terry was apparently a small-time producer. Says Sgt. Blake Slater, "You could pack [the lab] into a rubber tote. It's a 'personal-use' lab, which typically means that it's capable of producing a couple of grams, but no more than, for personal use or maybe for a small number of friends." That said, Terry is still in plenty of trouble. To wit, when he saw the police approaching, Terry didn't even bother trying to pass his little science experiment off as legit by, say, straightening his clean white lab coat and saying, "Ah, you've walked in just in time to watch me perform my favorite science experiment." Instead, he fled. "He ran into the house and hid himself in the crawl space," Slater says. Eventually, officers coaxed Terry out and arrested him on felony charges of manufacturing methamphetamine, obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia. They also arrested three other people on the property for frequenting a drug house.

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