"No More Yankey my Wanke," or "Pumpkin Patch Purse Pilferer gets Popped" 

We're not perfect at Boise Weekly. Run a few background checks on us, and you'll probably find a few late parking tickets, "no proof of insurance" violations, maybe a little light arms smuggling. Heck, most of us don't always even tithe the required 10 percent out of our paychecks. But one thing can be said of us: We don't punch grandmothers in the face-not without a perfectly good reason, anyway.

It seems clear that Chad Allen Wanke, 36, did not have that reason. He was sentenced on Thursday, July 28, in Boise District Court to serve at least five and potentially up to 15 years in prison for undertaking a violent robbery in the parking lot of a Meridian grocery store.

According to a statement from the Idaho Attorney General's Office, the incident occurred on October 28 of last year, when Wanke approached a woman who was had just bought some pumpkins for her grandchildren, who were sitting in the car. As the woman hoisted the immense squash into her trunk, Wanke snatched her purse and hotfooted toward his car. The victim, apparently a feisty western battle-ax, was not content to simply point and shout at her assailant, and followed Wanke to his car. When she reached through his window to retrieve the purse, Wanke punched her in the face. Then he accelerated out of the parking lot, dragging her along with him. When she was unable or unwilling to let go of the car, Wanke punched her in the face again-and then again. When the woman finally let go and fell to the pavement, Wanke drove away. He was later apprehended and pled guilty to a single count of robbery.

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