No One Heckles at Comedian Monique Marvez's Campfire 

The Balcony, Sunday, Dec. 9

She's an author, comedian, podcaster, radio host and lover of pound pups. She's Monique Marvez, and to top off her resume she wrote for Disneytoon Studios in her home town of Los Angeles, which Disney shut down in June of 2018. She never got a chance to inject bawdy humor into the studio's spinoffs of children's classics, but when Boise Weekly pressed the issue she offered a few lines for alt-Tinkerbell:

"Wow, this dress is really tight. Everybody thinks I just fly around being cute, but the reality is, this costume is tight, and every once in a while, when nobody's looking, I pick it out of my butt crack."

For the record, Marvez is a pro. For the better part of 30 years, she has performed comedy—often in alternative venues—all over the U.S., but on Sunday, Dec. 9, she'll be in Boise for the first time to perform at The Balcony Club.

Marvez got her start performing at gay bars, historically African-American venues, corporate shows and other spots where people "may have wandered in not knowing there's a comedy show," and coming up that way taught her to bring her A-game as a comedian. It was a school of hard knocks, but it has landed her numerous specials, including The Latin Divas of Comedy, Snoop Dogg Presents the Bad Girls of Comedy and, most recently, Not Skinny Not Blonde, which she's currently adapting into a book. Her blend of talents and busy schedule have twisted her life into some odd shapes.

"I have no personal life; I'm the world's oldest Millennial," she said. "I've never owned a house in my life, I have a dog and wonderful people who do nice things for me. ... Once I'm outside my lane, I don't do well. I'm a bad cook, a so-so driver. I'm a fabulous girlfriend, I'm just a really bad wife."

With a comedic style that has been described as a combination of a Latina Bette Midler and a better-looking Dr. Phil, there's a campfire quality to her act—one that draws 'round the audience to warm their hands against her spitfire wit while keeping the hecklers at bay.

"I had a heckler at a show on New Year's Eve in '97 in Cincinnati, and a really large, heavy-set man in a cowboy hat said, 'You want I should beat the s*** out of him, Monique?' We're having fun around the campfire, and nobody wants to interrupt the campfire smack," she said.

Catch Marvez's set at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $22-$43.


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