No, Seriously. I'm Not a Perv! 

"Just because you're running from me doesn't mean I'm enticing you," seems to be the lesson to glean from an incident that occurred in North Boise near Highlands Elementary last Thursday. According to a police department release, two young boys said a man in red car followed them while they were walking to school on Thornberry Street. Then, they said, the man got out of his car and chased them for a short distance ... with a light saber!

OK, no there was no light saber. But police do say they're confident that the man harbored no criminal intent. They say this because after hearing local media reports of some familiar "suspicious activity," the man actually came forward and gave his version of the tale. According to a department release, the man said he was driving through the neighborhood slowly because he was looking for a relative's house to check the mail. He saw the kids running, but never spoke to them and didn't not know why they were fleeing in horror. So maybe the other lesson here is for kids, and it's "Better safe than sorry." Or maybe it's for the adults: "If you don't have anything to hide, you might as well come forward ... you sick freak!" (Sorry ... My Law and Order habit snuck in there at the end. Disregard the part about sick freak.)

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