North Idaho Dem leaves log cabin for Lush 

Bonner County legislative candidate C.J. Rose had never been to Boise. The soon-to-be-61-year-old retired teacher lives in a log cabin near Spirit Lake. She heats and cooks with wood. She has to drive to town for mail and a cell signal. But all that is about to change.

Rose, who if elected will be Idaho's second openly gay state Legislator, made an appearance at a Lush cocktail hour on Saturday hosted by Rep. Nicole LeFavour. An event billed as, "Change the state for LGBT people one Legislative seat at a time!"

"I certainly have a female partner," Rose said. "I'm interested in how small an issue it's going to be."

Rose is running against four-term Rep. R.J. "Dick" Harwood, of St. Maries. One Democrat already represents District 2 and well-known Democrat Rand Lewis is challenging Sen. Joyce Broadsword in November.

Rose hopes to bring diversity to Boise, but not just the sexual orientation kind. She is rural. She is a Democrat. And she is a writer.

"I'm interested in doing a better job with early childhood education," Rose told BW. She also wants to make sure there are adequate services for seniors in North Idaho, where the senior citizen population is rapidly growing.

Rose supports labor and believes unions should have the right to "free bargaining"—a worker-positive way of saying repeal right to work.

As to her reason for running for state office; "Nicole inspired me to run."

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