Northern Pacific Distillery Set to Open 

Heads up, hooch hounds. A new distillery will soon be slinging spirits near Fairview Avenue and Cloverdale Road. Northern Pacific Distillery--run by brothers Josh and Tory Corson and business partner Brian Farias--will be crafting artisanal whiskey, vodka and corn moonshine.

"We're hoping to source everything local or Idaho," said Josh, who studied chemistry at Boise State. "It's a bourbon whiskey so you need at least 51 percent corn and then the other ingredients are malt and barley. Normally, most bourbons use a rye as the other ingredient, but ... our goal is to use the wheat that Idaho's known for, which is their soft white winter wheat."

Josh will be building all of the equipment used by the distillery--everything from the stills to the mash tuns to the fermenters--under the company name Rocky Mountain Stills. While the whiskey will be aged in new white oak barrels, the moonshine will be unaged.

"The plan is to make the moonshine, and if it catches on, we'll keep it, and if it doesn't catch on, then as soon as the bourbon comes out, we'll get rid of it," said Josh. "So it could be a short-lived product or be there forever, it just kind of depends on the demand."

Northern Pacific Distillery is in the process of getting its labels approved by the federal government. Once they get approved, they can start bottling their products to sell in Idaho liquor stores and restaurants.

"You have to put six bottles in every liquor store in Idaho and three bottles in every grocery store like right off the bat, so that's like 1,000 bottles that have to go out to even get dispersed in Idaho," said Josh.

The distillery hopes to be churning out vodka and moonshine by November or December, but the whiskey will take a bit longer.

"The whiskey takes a while to age, so we're shooting for the springtime," said Josh.

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