Not Reiser-ing To The Occasion 

Waiting for CSI: Kuna

A cursory glance over the list of canceled TV shows in 2011 feels like trying to remember people you met at a raging party: "Hellcats? Oh, was that the one that barfed on the couch and then flipped the cushion over? Yeah, I think I remember what it looked like."

TV writers are a justifiably dismal lot. It's a good thing books don't get canceled after the first few chapters, because Mark Twain probably would have disapproved of Huckleberry Finn remaining a racist brat.

Authors of books don't have to walk around explaining to their friends: "No, it was supposed to end with a frozen dinosaur thawing out and then a big whoosh-crunch-bang effect ... It was going to blow your mind if you got a chance to see it ... Oh, and the main alien was actually a Bolivian drug mule."

Easily, the worst writing in TV this year had to be The Paul Reiser Show on NBC, which was co-written by Paul Reiser and canceled after two episodes--not even enough to make a whole DVD.

The sitcom starred Reiser as a former television star who hasn't had a show for several years. It didn't work. But just wait a few seasons when Reiser comes back with a show about a former television star who hasn't had a show for several years following the cancellation after two episodes of his show that was about not having a show.

Meanwhile if your favorite show was canceled, try to see the glass half full. Think of all the shows you can look forward to getting into next year--inevitable abominations like Law and Order: Tiny Cops Unit or CSI: Kuna--and then lamenting their premature demise.

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