Not you, the other guy holding a purse 

We received a number of calls recently in regard to last week's article "It's Not A Purse, It's A European Carry-All," accusing us of identifying the wrong man in a store surveillance video as a suspected purse thief. One caller, citing as proof what she had read in "the newspaper," even said some rather nasty things about "cruel" and "negligent" carelessness on our part.

Well, here's a big raspberry at you, lady. Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower confirmed our prognosis: The suspect is the mouth-breathing young man holding a purse in the middle of the photo, not the person standing behind him with his or her face hidden. Not only that, his name is Tyrel Harmon, he's 22, and he's sitting in Canyon County jail as of press time for stealing a purse in Karcher Mall, in a different theft incident. How do we know this? Because Harmon himself got snatched the other day at Karcher, and then re-snatched while in jail, thanks to three tips from callers who had seen his picture. He's being charged both grand and petit theft. On the other hand, Ms. Caller, you probably have a great future as an intelligence gatherer for the Bush administration.

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