Note August 27, 2008 

Somewhere between the last minute and the ninth hour, Boise Weekly decided to send news editor Nathaniel Hoffman to the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Although he was committed to finding plenty to write about without having press privileges, Monday morning Hoffman managed to finagle credentials thanks to a hand from lady luck and what was likely some smooth talking on his part. Throughout the week, Hoffman will be posting at, and in this issue, you'll find an update on what's happened so far in News. Next week, Hoffman will file a full report in these pages.

But that's not all. Photojournalist Paul Hosefros is also on assignment in Denver for Boise Weekly, and next week, he'll head to Minneapolis for the Republican National Convention. Hosefros, who moved to Boise in 2004 when he retired from a decades-long career with the New York Times, will publish a series of photos from both conventions in the Sept. 10 issue.

And more big news this week: The final days of Best of Boise voting are wrapping up. Friday, Aug. 29, 5 p.m. is your deadline. Now go vote. Visit

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