Note: Coming to a Bar Near You 

This is the time of the year when BW staffers regularly find themselves "coming to" more often than waking up. We drag our sorry butts into the office, rumpled, with sunglasses on, and flop into our chairs just hoping the pounding will go away with enough sugar, grease and caffeine. At first, the month-long Martini Mix-Off was to blame. We'd head out bar hopping en masse every Thursday night with then-editor-in-chief Bingo Barnes pulling double duty as the leader of the BW pack as well as a judge for the Mix-Off. Then someone had the bright idea to start testing for our annual Coldest Beer contest over the course of a month. I'll admit, between the two, my liver has taken pretty severe beatings the last few years during the month of May. Last week, I completed all of my Coldest Beer assignments in one long, beer-soaked night. To keep from embarrassing myself, I won't admit here how many bars or beers or shots my team logged. What's important is that I'm ahead of deadline, and I'm finished. Despite a decent hangover. But not all BW testers have finished their beer temp testing. The smart testers don't drink the beer, but instead hand it off to the nearest bellied up elbow bender. You'd think I would've learned my lesson by now.

I can tell you for certain that the bar with the coldest beer in town was not on my list of stops, although I have one serious contender for the warmest beer. Guess we'll just have to wait until Wednesday, June 30, when the Coldest Beer issue hits stands to find out.

Until then, we offer up this week's issue. Quick: pop quiz, hotshot: When are the primary elections? If you answered November, you'd be so wrong. The correct answer is Tuesday, May 25. And I'd like to think BW readers are such an engaged and well-informed bunch that not only did you all ace the quiz, but you've already completely rearranged your schedule to go vote. Need some help determining who to vote for? We have you covered. Turn to Page 12, where you'll find BW's election guide as generated, in part, by you, the readers at our online election forum called Electionland, where you ask the questions and the candidates answer. Read it. Study it. Vote with it. And get your questions ready for Tuesday's winners because we're relaunching Electionland before November's final showdown.

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