Note: Deja Vu 

This week's issue feels like a sequel in many ways. Or, at least as far as commentary around recent stories goes, it feels like an un-Hollywood version of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day.

The handful of noteworthy items I addressed in last week's Note are still hanging on and, in some cases, even gaining momentum.

In Mail this week, it's part two of the SNUS ad debate. Should BW have published a series of SNUS ads? Some readers don't think so. Some readers, apparently, think BW should have pulled all the SNUS ads before readers started complaining rather than waiting until after the griping began. Thing is, we haven't pulled them. Also, for the record, the publisher stands behind her decision to run the ads. My only question--not that I have any say whatsoever in the advertising realm--is: How come there's no outrage over the classified ad hawking married women looking to cheat on their spouses? Of everything advertised in our paper, that's the one I'd think people would get their panties in a twist about. Or not.

In other controversies ... it looks like the case is closed in the story of a Walgreens pharmacist who refused to fill a prescription for a drug that stops uterine bleeding. And it was a surprise ending: turns out that under Idaho state law, pharmacists are not required to fill any prescription. Abortifacients? Nope, don't have to. Asthma medication? Nope, don't have to. You better hope your local pharmacist doesn't have a moral issue with your ability to breathe or you could be in real trouble. See Citydesk at for more on that story.

Finally, there's the elephant I've thus far ignored: Boise Co-op. The stories posted at Citydesk have garnered a record number of comments and things have gotten pretty nasty in some places. After the Jan. 24 meeting, however, it looks as though the store is definitely moving forward in another direction. The full story is on Page 10.

Strangely, the only place things have been unsettlingly quiet this week is on Bill Cope's latest column. I suspect this week's column on Tom Luna might change that.

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