Note January 28, 2009 

Bill Cope has a knack for striking a nerve. In his final installment of "Bye, Bye Bush," Cope summed up George Bush by calling him an arrogant leader who is "not a mere fool, but a profoundly immoral fool." And many of you had something to say about that.

The Letters section of this week's paper has been nixed, but here's a snippet of what you might find next week:

• "You and your fellow genetovisceral Bush haters will have to come up with some new material."

• "I am extremely thankful that an honest American was our president for those eight years ... our country would be in a lot worse shape if someone like Bill Cope were in office during that time."

• "Your sophomoric article about President George W. Bush amounts to nothing more than a school yard twit calling another kid names."

I think the last time Cope stirred the hornet's nest this badly was when he ranted about McCain being so damn old. If I had a buck for every senior citizen who chewed my hide about "that young buck Cope," I'd be beachside in the Pacific this very second.

For those of us who've known Cope for years, it's almost humorous to hear such vitriolic responses. I suppose those who've neither met Cope nor read him on a regular basis envision him as some angsty 30-something with the requisite thick-rimmed alt-weekly spectacles and wrinkled clothes. Truth be told, Cope is anything but. With more than 60 years behind him and a penchant for denim overalls, Bill Cope is more like the guy who would hold open the door for you at Elmer's on his way in for senior breakfast. He speaks slowly, takes a good deal of time to think about what he says and must, I think, have much thicker skin than even I realize.

—Rachael Daigle

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