Note July 2, 2008 

I can count the number of Simpsons episodes I've seen on one hand, which means I'm not prone to quoting the patriarch of America's crassest cartoon family, but in the words of the rotund Homer Simpson, "I like my beer cold." (Insert meaningless personal information here: Actually I wouldn't apply that statement to my own drinking habits. I have three favorites. Corona, nice and cold; Hopnoxious IPA, right in the middle; and Guinness, keep it in the 40s, please.) But for the sake of getting an ice-cold beer in hot, hot July, here we have it: the coldest, the warmest and everything in between when it comes to beer on tap in Ada County. You got a tap and we missed it? Call us. We'll stick you on next year's list.

In other news, we're blogging, people. Believe it or not, the BW staff has more to say than we can squeeze in these pages every week. Visit and click on "BW blogs."

—Rachael Daigle

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