Note July 30, 2008 

My job would be a whole lot easier at BW if all we did was put out this paper. Back in the day, we'd scramble to put the paper together Monday and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday, we'd sleep late, have a brief meeting, linger long over a lunch with wine and then knock off early. These days, it's a whole different enchilada.

Last Wednesday: At BW at 7:45 a.m. to get a stack of papers. On the radio at 94.9 The River just after 8 a.m. A quick breakfast burrito at Los Betos. Start uploading stories to the Web site. Editorial meeting. Scan the subject lines of more than 300 e-mails for the important ones. Check voice mail. Manager meeting. Determine Idaho Arts Quarterly proofing deadlines. Finish uploading. Return one phone call on the long list of people who expect to hear from me. Start BW online newsletter Clique. Return a handful of e-mails. Take a phone call from an angry reader. Curse at Clique because I screwed up the html. Attempt to solve a co-worker's problem with our new Best of Boise software. Curse at Clique more because I still can't fix the html issue. Further complicate the BOB software problem without offering a valid solution. Finally get Clique sent out. Head over to Alive After Five. Make my way across downtown in a pair of very uncomfortable high heels to show face at a function. Head back across downtown wincing with each step, wishing in earnest that shoes could be both comfortable and cute. Chat up old friends at Alive After Five. Head to the North End to meet a source for a drink. Costume change. Arrive at the Knitting Factory an hour late for a concert. Make my way up front, dance among a crowd more interested in staring than dancing. Make my way back upstairs. Run into a dozen people who want to talk about BW. Finally get home. Call my mom while I eat half of a leftover sandwich. Fall into bed about 1 a.m.

I don't expect this Wednesday to be much different, but I suppose we all lead these crazy lives. If you do have free time, we have free True West tickets. The annual Western film festival happens Aug. 7-10, and we have a stack of tickets to give away to BW readers. Want some? Sign up for Clique for a chance to win. Every Wednesday, we send out the e-mail newsletter with updates on what's in the paper as well as a chance to win prizes. Visit and click on "Join BW Clique."

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