Note July 9, 2008 

We call it the "stitch and trim," and it's the newspaper version of a little "nip and tuck." Cut three sides, staple the fourth and what you have is a version of Boise Weekly that's "same, same but different." Most importantly, it's slightly more user friendly in the wind, and apparently, all around a lot more popular. Think back to last week's issue. Remember how nice it was to throw around your issue by the tattered corner of one page without worrying about the guts falling out all over the floor of your bathroom?

Over the last week, quite a few readers have contacted us to extol the advantages of the stitch and trim, applauding us for changing the format and just plain loving the staples. Who knew a metal fastener could garner so much attention? However, we regret to inform you—although with a loose-leaf copy currently in your hands, maybe you've already noticed—that the staples aren't an every week event. They're more like a four-time-a-year occurrence. The thing is, it's a lot more work for us. Think about it: 35,000 copies with two staples each, divided by six people on the editorial staff makes for about 11,666 staples each. It's a number that looks unlucky and amounts to a whole lot of overtime on our end. The bottom line is, regrettably, you'll have to kiss the staples good-bye until our Best of Boise issue Sept. 24. They'll make a reappearance for the Snow Issue on Nov. 5, but other than that, you'll have to staple your copy of BW yourself.

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