Note March 19, 2008 

The most striking comment in our roundup of opinions about the Iraq war's five-year duration came from peace activist Liz Paul. In this week's feature of perspectives on the war, Paul noted that her 8-year-old has spent most of his childhood living in a country at war.

This issue, like most BW editions, comes chock full of ideas and opinions. But when he read our News section last week, Wayne Hoffman felt that we'd borrowed some junk that didn't belong in a newspaper. In particular, Hoffman said, the reference to his boss Congressman Bill Sali as one of the "least effective" members of Congress was bogus, when in fact the Knowledgis survey refers to "power." As a freshman Republican in a Democratic-majority Congress, Sali is expected to have little of the latter. The former is a label planted on him by his Democratic opponents and not appropriate in our news coverage, Hoffman said.

I don't know that I'd advise Hoffman to get into a debate with anyone about effectiveness at this point, but few members of this Congress have a leg to stand on.

—Shea Andersen

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