Note May 28, 2008 

I knew it was time to go when the coffee maker died.

After two years at BW, just one as its editor, I'm off. Time for me to head to a different pasture. It wouldn't be newspapering without a good office shakeup or three. But in an industry dominated by unpleasant transitions, this one is for the good.

You can expect some positive direction here at BW, starting with the best one: After this issue, diehard BW stalwart Rachael Daigle will pick up the reins as the paper's editor. Look for her to make some good news about the paper in short order.

Thanks to everyone who believes in BW, who called us when they wouldn't call anyone else, who read us aloud at the coffee shop, and who took us seriously when we said a restaurant was worth the time. Next week, I encourage you to do the same. And the next week after that. You get the idea.

Ride on, BW. Thanks for all the good times.

—Shea Andersen

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