Note September 3, 2008 

I sat down at my grandmother's kitchen table in New Mexico to write this week's Note while she and my grandfather told stories about living in France in the '50s. And then there were stories about living in Texas in the '60s. And then the Philippines in the '70s. These days, my family is scattered into all four corners of the United States, but last weekend we gathered to celebrate what will be my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary as this issue hits stands.

Over the weekend, we snapped dozens of photos, most of which we downloaded to a digital picture frame as an anniversary gift. From black and white wedding photos to same-day digital anniversary photos 60 years later, the evolution of technology has been mind-boggling for my grandparents. So has the evolution of marriage. Whereas divorce was rarely heard of when they started their lives together, these days, statistics say we're as likely to fail at marriage as we are to succeed at it. That doesn't leave much hope for those who have yet to take that plunge. In year 60, my grandparents are as disgustingly happy as in year one. That's not saying all the years in between have been fairy-tale perfect, but I suppose when you look back, the good times shine brighter than the bad.

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