November 10, 2004 

Editor's Note: The following is a transcript of a voicemail left for BW. The caller left neither name nor number, but fortunately, through the miracle of Caller ID, we were able to contact the caller, obtain his name and permission to publish his message in our "Letters to the Editor" section. We find the irony of this communiqué particularly delightful.


I just wanted to call and congratulate you on the four more years of George W. Bush. It's a glorious day. I'd like to dedicate this to the Boise Weekly paper, Michael Moore, Al Franken and all the rest of the filthy dirty left-wing trash.

Idaho won on their part, pitched in 68 percent of the total vote for Bush here in Idaho.

Oh, it is glorious, glorious.

You little dirty cowards, how do you like that? Four more years of your spewing, vomiting hate-filled rhetoric.

It is so wonderful.

I hope at least the first two years is a living fucking hell for you guys.

But, anyway, enough of the advice, just carry on, carry on, your worthless fucking rag here.

It is good to know what you guys really think, what's really in your hearts, you raging fucking lunatics. You hate-filled fucks.

Ted Rall and Bingo Barnes ... go (unintelligible) you fucking dumb fucks.

Four more years. That sounds so good, so fucking good.

I love it! Love it!

(Laughter, hangs up)

--Dennis Johnson


I oppose renaming the Boise State Pavilion "Taco Bell Arena" because the agreement is with YUM!, a brand which is affiliated with exploitative labor practices through its suppliers. Ending the agreement would demonstrate Boise State's commitment to social justice and human rights, fair working conditions, fair wages and pay for exploited farm workers.

In a recent issue, The Idaho Statesman argued cutting the contract with Taco Bell and BSU would not affect the larger corporate interests of YUM! and Boise State should stick to its position on the issue. By sticking to its position, Boise State is damaging the Boise State community and sending the message that it doesn't care about anybody's interests but its own; especially to students and community members that generate its profit. It is sending the message it wants to maintain poverty and oppression through unfair labor practices. As a student, I am ashamed to be affiliated with such a university.

The Boise State administration must realize it has a unique opportunity to affect wide social change through hitting corporations where it matters most: the pocketbook. By breaking this contract, we will symbolize to the nation that people will challenge unfair and unjust labor practices by taking action against discrimination and oppression. We will stand out as leaders for the interests of humanity.

In an era of fast food and convenience, we must fight for the rights of people providing that luxury. We must not take advantage of the blood and sacrifice that has been poured in to the food we eat in the name of convenience. If Boise State doesn't take action, who will? If change doesn't occur now, when will it? This will give something for all of us to think about when pulling up to the drive-through window hearing, "Welcome to Taco Bell, how can I help you?".

--Kathy McRill, Boise State University, School of Social Work student


In the Nov. 3 article "Skiing is Bogus: Idaho Winter Sports Beyond the Resorts" ownership of the three yurts along the Sawtooth Range front was mistakenly attributed to Sawtooth Mountain Guides. In actuality, SMG only operates the Williams Peak Yurt in conjunction with Sun Valley Trekking, and the other two yurts are operated solely by Sun Valley Trekking. For information on how to reserve any of them, visit

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