November 22, 2018: What to Know 

  • President Abraham Lincoln is credited with proclaiming a national day of Thanksgiving in 1863, at the height of the Civil War. In an effort to improve retail sales for the nation's merchants, President Franklin Roosevelt unsuccessfully tried to move Thanksgiving to the third Thursday of November in 1939, but in 1941 Congress fixed the traditional last Thursday of November as the nation's official Thanksgiving Day.

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    Since its inception in the 1920s, the National Football League has played games on Thanksgiving Day. The owner of the Detroit Lions, who also owned a Detroit radio station, negotiated a deal with NBC to carry Lions games on the radio, and ultimately on television, during the holiday. In 1966, the Dallas Cowboys also adopted the practice of hosting an annual Thanksgiving Day game. And beginning in 2006, a third prime-time game was added to the NFL's Thanksgiving Day schedule. This year's Turkey Day slate will see the Lions host the Chicago Bears (on CBS), the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins (on Fox) and the New Orleans Saints host the Atlanta Falcons (on NBC).

  • For those not thrilled about spending a day watching football, there are plenty of Thanksgiving Day TV series marathons, including Gilmore Girls (on the UP network), Pee-wee's Playhouse (IFC), The Andy Griffith Show (TVLand), South Park (Comedy Central), Friends (TBS) and The Simpsons (FXX). Plus, there will be back-to-back-to-back showings of Gone With the Wind (Sundance) and The Godfather (AMC).

  • Nothing says Thanksgiving like leftovers. But has a list of 30 foods you should never store in the fridge, including berries, bread, coffee, citrus fruits, pastries, peanut butter and tomatoes.
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