November 23, 2005 

“Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's question.” —Edgar Cayce

Dear Dream Zone, I usually don't remember my dreams very well but this part of the dream stood out very clearly in my mind. I dreamt it several years ago. I was in the Old West and walked through saloon doors, and standing at the bar was the man I had a huge crush on (currently we are now somewhat involved) but he was dressed as a woman! He was wearing a dress with cowgirl boots and red lipstick. What do you think? —Cindy 45, Johnston, PA

Lauri: Ha!! Yes, I can see that this has really got you wondering!! Unless you think this man might swing both ways—like the saloon doors—this dream was actually a pretty good sign. It's showing you that he has a sensitive side! Which is a very good thing in a man. He may act tough and put up a "John Wayne-like bravado," but this dream shows you could see right through it. Doors in dreams almost always point to an opportunity available to us, so walking through the doors in your dream was the way your inner mind was letting you know that there is an opportunity here with this guy ... and that the best way to him is through his sensitive side. Now that you've gotten to know him a little bit better, would you say he's pretty in tune with his nurturing and sensitive self?
Cindy replies: Your interpretation was very insightful. He does put on a very masculine and aloof front, but deep down he is pretty sensitive and can be very thoughtful. Thanks for the interpretation—I think you were right on.

Fascinating Dream Fact: A comparison of the dreams of college students in 1950 and in 1980 found that, despite feminism and the sexual revolution, women were still concerned about the home and family, men about pounding a male rival. – from

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