November 9, 2005 

Fanci Freez Sign - New Downtown Arrivals - Pie Hole


Boise Weekly super sleuths donned Sherlock Holmes hats, pocketed magnifying glasses and picked up the phones in pursuit of the Fanci Freez sign after an observant reader sent our offices a top secret electronic communique exposing the Case of the Missing Iconic Sign.

After verifying the reader's transmission was indeed free from electronically embedded anthrax, our decoding department was able to read the message as follows: "I have been wondering for a long time where the Fanci Freez sign (at State and 14th streets) has gone and when it is coming back. I hope that the Boise Weekly will investigate this issue, as this has been is a very important local landmark, and is deeply missed."

A series of undercover drive-by operations performed by our secret ops team confirmed the sign is indeed missing. When food investigators received news of the empty air space where the sign stood defiant and tempting for so many years, an immediate phone call was made to the proprietors of the beloved store. Statements made by one helpful employee claim the reason behind the sign's disappearance is much too long a story to be published in this column, but assure us the sign is only under repair and will make a reappearance in the very near future.


A series of rookies are on the dining horizon. All are poised to take the starting line in unison, sweeping through Boise's downtown restaurant scene, infusing some new energy into that four-block radius we often roam in search of sustenance. And though we're happy to see the one-syllable name trend faded with the sweltering summer weather, it looks as though the new fad is the double-word moniker.

Leku Ona is just about to make one heck of a dent on the Basque block, at the corner of 6th and Grove streets. What that little red brick building once was is nothing but a distant memory now that it's been gutted, beefed up and beautified in preparation for what we hear is three stories of food, drink and merriment to come.

Pacific Sub has settled in next to the Hangar on Main Street. A cursory glance through the windows indicates the new sub stop is still a few weeks from opening, but our thinking is that if they keep night-owl hours, the bar crowd will gobble in gaggles.

Calle Verde, formerly Ten—which succeeded Pi (which replaced Saffron)—will be calling Grove Street home. A hand-written sign claiming that a Mexican restaurant is on the make is the only indication of the impending change. And for all we know, it could be a prank, as there doesn't appear to be any remodeling happening and Ten's martini sign is still tipping tall.

Estrella is long-awaited by those of us who love its owner's other creation, The MilkyWay. With the grand opening postponed, our salivating has reached critical levels as we anticipate the Spanish-style tapas bar. In the meantime, memories of tapas from Bilbao to San Sebastian and Madrid to Barcelona will have to suffice.

Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine will help kick start the Linen District with its opening next month. We hear rumors of old trucks and trailers, hydraulic lifts and comfort foods moving into the former tire shop on west Grove Street.

P.F. Chang's opened in BoDo last week. While we don't usually throw love to the corporate world, some of us BW folk are big city transplants who admit to sincerely missing not only our former noodle house haunts, but also the giant P.F. Chang's. Open 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m.-midnight Friday and Saturday, 391 S. 8th St., 342-8100.


Get your grub on really late at Pie Hole. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, doors are open until midnight. Wednesday and Thursday nights have customers walking in until 3 in the a.m., and Friday and Saturday rival sunrise with a closing time of 4 o'clock.

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