Oct. 19, 2017: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • Today is the final day for U.S. cities to polish and submit their bids to become the second headquarters of Amazon. Dozens of cities, from New York City to Portland, Ore., (but none in Idaho) say they want to be a second home to Amazon, which now only operates out of Seattle, Wash. But NBC News reports the potential of luring a $5 billion Amazon headquarters may be more of a problem. In a story entitled "Why Amazon's New $5 Billion Headquarters May Ruin Your City," NBC reports the project could raise the cost of labor of existing businesses and create traffic jams. Now, 73 community groups from across the U.S. have penned an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking him to pledge that Amazon won't be a burden to the city it chooses, insisting that Amazon exercises complete transparency on the project's impact on taxes, jobs and housing.

click to enlarge Rep. Brandon Hixon - JEREMY LANNINGHAM
  • Jeremy Lanningham
  • Rep. Brandon Hixon
  • Caldwell police confirm that Idaho House Rep. Brandon Hixon (R-Caldwell) is the subject of a criminal investigation. Law enforcement won't say what the probe, which began two weeks ago, is all about, and Hixon told the Associated Press he has not resigned from office nor has he been asked to resign from GOP leadership. "I have retained legal counsel and all questions should go through him," Hixon told the AP. In 2014, Hixon talked openly about how, when he was younger, had misdemeanor convictions including the use of an invalid driver's license, urinating in public and two minor possessions of alcohol and violating curfew.
  • A ball of flames erupted in downtown Portland, Ore., Wednesday afternoon when a fire destroyed two food carts and 10 cars. The Oregonian reports the two food carts engulfed in flames at the intersection of SW First Avenue and Columbia Boulevard. No one suffered major injuries. Investigators said an employee at one of the carts was pouring diesel fuel into a generator when the wind blew fuel toward a heat source, igniting and catching fire.

  • In the major league baseball playoffs, the Chicago Cubs survived elimination Wednesday by beating the Los Angeles Dodgers; and after beating the Houston Astros last night, the New York Yankees are one win away from returning to the World Series.

  • In a rather jaw-dropping final round Tuesday night, a naval officer from Lacey, Wash., emerged as the victor on Jeopardy with a total of only $1. Manny Abell went into the final Jeopardy round with only $1,000, while his competitors each had $12,300. The Final Jeopardy "answer" was "It's the only country that borders the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf." But Abell wagered $999 while his opponents waged their entire earnings, and lost. The correct "question," by the way, is "what is Iran."

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