Oct. 27, 2017: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • A showdown in Spain is looming. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy urged his Senate today to grant him extraordinary powers to oust the leadership of Catalonia and take control over the region in order to end a threat of secession. At the same time, The Washington Post reports lawmakers in Catalonia officially declared independence from Spain today, "sharply escalating a confrontation for control" in the wake of a formal vote.
  • Idaho State Police announced late Thursday that they had arrested a suspect in connection with an Owyhee County murder investigation. On Oct. 21, hunters discovered an unidentified male body in the Bruneau Desert area of eastern Owyhee County. Police said the victim had apparently died from a gunshot wound, and there is still no word on his identity. On Thursday, Oct. 27, ISP charged 27-year-old Nicholas Vandenberg of Melba with first-degree murder. Vandenberg is being held in the Elmore County Jail.
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  • Jeremy Lanningham
  • Rep. Brandon Hixon
  • The criminal investigation into former Idaho House Rep. Brandon Hixon has been turned over to the Idaho Attorney General's office. Caldwell police said that after completing their own investigation into Hixon, they turned the case over to the AG, but there's still no indication of what circumstances triggered the probe. Meanwhile, Canyon County Republican leaders are still debating which of three names to submit to Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter, who will decide Hixon's temporary replacement until the general election next year.
  • Emily Nash is a high school junior in Lunenburg, Massachusettsand she recently shot the lowest score in the Central Massachusetts Division 3 Boys Golf Tournament. But NPR reports that Nash wasn't awarded the winning trophy. Instead, the prize went to a boy who was four strokes behind Nash. According to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, girls can play in the boys' golf tournament as part of a team, but they aren't allowed to compete as individuals. As a result, Nash doesn't get a trophy nor does she get the chance to compete in the boys state championship.

  • Just in time for Halloween, a cat ran onto the field during the nationally televised Thursday Night Football game on CBS last night. It was the highlight of the night, as the Baltimore Ravens embarrassed the Miami Dolphins in a 40-0 blowout.
  • A new AskReddit thread asking U.S. chain restaurant workers which dish customers really shouldn't order is rather terrifying. Among the responses:
- "Seafood specials or buck-a-shuck oyster. It means, 'My seafood delivery is tomorrow and I'm trying to get rid of my old stock.'"

- "If there's an item used in only one dish, chances are it's not as fresh as the rest of the menu."

- "I've seen grilled chicken sit in a warm pan for 8+ hours before being handed out."

- "Unless you've seen people take apart the ice machine and scrub the whole thing out, there is definitely mold in there."

- "A lot of cooks tend to undercook chicken, so you get some raw pieces."

- "Never order a steak well-done. I guarantee you that the chef will pick the oldest, shittiest meat from the back of the shelf."

- "We sold an antipasto salad that was made up of the ends of all the lunch meats and cheeses we didn't sell."

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