Oct. 30, 2017: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • Paul Manafort, the former campaign chief for President Donald Trump, and Manafort's business partner Rick Gates are the first to be indicted and charged as the result of a special counsel probe into Trump campaign dealings with Russians. Both men are charged with conspiracy against the United States and money laundering as part of a 12-count indictment. A small army of reporters gathered outside the federal courthouse in downtown D.C. this morning to watch Manafort turn himself in to the FBI.

  • Courtesy Elmore County Search and Rescue
  • The Elmore County Sheriff's Office said some good Samaritans are credited with rescuing two people after their vehicle plunged into Anderson Ranch Reservoir October 28. Search and Rescue teams and several ambulances were dispatched to the scene at Fall Creek Road, where witnesses said the truck left the pavement and careened 150 feet down an embankment into the water. One passenger was ejected from the vehicle and a second passenger was rescued from the truck in the water. No word yet on the conditions of those rescued.

  • Meanwhile, the Ada County Sheriff's Office now says a June 2016 incident of an SUV crashing into Lucky Peak Reservoir was a murder/suicide. The Ada County Coroner has ruled the death of the driver, 40-year-old Noel Bankhead, a suicide. The deaths of her three children also in the SUV were ruled to be a homicide. They are survived by a father and three grandparents. Grieving family members have asked for privacy.
  • The Guardian reports that Osez le Feminisme, one of France's best-known feminist groups, is planning to protest the prestigious Cienmatheque Francaise this evening. That's because the event is planning to honor filmmaker Roman Polanski, the Oscar-winning director who fled the United States in 1977 just before being sentenced for a conviction of rape. More recently, Polanksi has been accused of raping an underage woman who said he assaulted her in the Swiss Alps in 1972. Plus, The Guardian reports that a California artist says Polanski assaulted her in 1975, when she was only 10 years old. A spokesman fro the Cinematheque issued a statement saying that canceling tonight's Polanski retrospective would amount to "out and out censorship."

  • Have you heard of the movie Amityville: The Awakening?  Don't worry, apparently hardly anyone else has either.  The film made just $742 in ten theaters this past weekend, ranking it among the worst openings in motion picture history. IndieWire reports that it didn't help that the film was released by Dimension Films, a subsidiary of the Weinstein Company, "whose future is uncertain in the wake of the ongoing Harvey Weinstein Scandal."

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