October 13-19 2004 


I want to encourage Idahoans to vote for John Kerry. Kerry owns a home in Idaho. He knows Idaho and regularly visits our great state.

President Bush has never visited Idaho. George Bush is taking Idaho's support for granted, and we should not stand for that.

Who should you hire? The guy who regularly shows up, or the guy you never see.

For a change, let's cast our electorals for a President that will work for Idaho.

--Richard Mussler-Wright



Kudos to Julie Fanselow for her letter (BW, Sept. 29) offering ways in which supporters of progressive candidates can help in our critical neighboring swing state of Oregon. I too am familiar with ACT, a nationwide organization dedicated to getting out the vote for progressive candidates in the 17 swing states, including, as Fanselow mentions, Oregon, but also the equally close but perhaps not as traditionally liberally celebrated state of Nevada. The race there is actually a thread tighter with neither candidate gaining more than a point advantage in the past few months on average in most polls, meaning massive voting pushes are underway in Reno. I've found the organizers there very helpful and no less devoted to voter education, and just as in need of able-bodied volunteers to help convert the convertible. Each day leading up to and including the election contains focused actions devoted to voter education and getting out the vote, and homestays are also available. Along with the gratification the shocked responses you'll invariably receive when you tell them you are an Idahoan, not inordinately fiscally self-centered, and that you want to help. Contact Brian Hutchinson at getmebrian@mac.com.

--F.W. Birt



One of the most important issues in this election is affordable health care.

George Bush promised in 2000 that he would make basic health plan more affordable. After four years, is it more affordable? Health care seems to have only gotten more expensive.

That is because Bush's failed health care policies have taken our country in the wrong direction. Since Bush took office, families are paying a record 64 percent more on health insurance premiums. Deductibles have increased by nearly two-thirds and prescription drug co-pays have increased by more than 50 percent.

Nearly 45 million Americans lack health insurance.

What is he promising now? Bush says he will reduce health care costs by limiting frivolous medical liability lawsuits.

This is sheer silliness, and we should not stand for it. Frivolous lawsuits are not driving health care costs up. Bush's corporate buddies are jacking prices up to increase their profit margins.

George Bush does not deliver on his promises. Idaho, we can do better.

--Richard Mussler-Wright


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