October 20 2004 

Java Heads North

When Ketchum's favorite son, Java founder Todd Rippo finally extended his family of tasty coffee shops from Northern and Central Idaho to our Southern corner, people went bananas for his homemade pastries and tongue-tickling concoctions like Thai Coffee (espresso with sweetened condensed milk) and the infamous Bowl of Soul (Mexican chocolate, espresso, milk, cinnamon and fresh whipped cream). Maybe it was the mystique of drinking the same drinks celebrities Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher covet (see the clip on Java's wall), or maybe it was the promise of a change from the established hangouts, both corporate and independent. In any case, since it opened a few months ago in downtown Boise, Java has very quickly gained a following. But one victory wasn't enough for the Rippos.

When the old Screamin' Toad's/Unitea space between the Stinker Station and Lucky 13 opened up recently, Rippo and his wife jumped at the chance to procure the premium digs.

"I'd been eying that space for probably six years," Rippo said. "Retail spots like that don't ever come up in Hyde Park, so when I heard it might be available, I jumped on it." The property owner flew up to Hailey for negotiations with the Rippos, and the contract was signed within two hours. Since then, plans for a grand opening sometime before the new year have been drawn up, but Todd wants to take things slow in order to ensure the quality of every element. The menu will be very similar to the downtown location's--pastries made from scratch, gourmet breakfast and lunch and some of the best far trade and shade grown coffees around--as will the Rippos' philosophy of good coffee and service. So keep your eyes peeled for an open sign, and until then, hit Java downtown for a sip of Soul.

Java, corner of 6th and Idaho, 345-0777.

Milford's Fish House Closes

Last week, one of the oldest, most venerable fine dining establishments in Boise closed its doors without much fanfare. We're not sure what happened or how long this has been in the works, but suffice to say, there will be no more fresh seafood meals in the dark wooden booths of Milford's.

A Taste of Morning

In addition to providing one of the largest selections of beer and wine in Boise and an innovative menu of tapas for lunch and dinner, Hyde Park's Taste is now serving breakfast. Hoping to fill the void left by Goldy's, the Taste masters have reinvented America's favorite morning meal in a way that is simple, stylish and surprisingly inexpensive. It's breakfast the way everyone likes it--to the point and delicious. The selection, served everyday between 6 and 11 a.m., includes such tempting offerings as black pepper biscuits with thyme gravy, sausage and a scrambled egg, oatmeal with bananas, cashews, currants and brown sugar and Hyde Park potatoes--a mixture of roasted red potatoes, three cheeses, chive and sour cream. If you haven't stopped by for a bite or sip yet, don't miss out on all the good things Taste has to offer.

Taste, 1530 N. 13th St., 336-5122. :

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