October 4 — October 10 

Throw-away Etiquette

I noticed that the latest issue of your paper is put together with staples. Will the paper be accepted in those blue recycling bins with staples in it?

--Art Ignotus,


Editor's response: For the third year, our Best of Boise issue was bound with staples, but it's still a newspaper. According to Western Recycling and BFI, you're still allowed to recycle it along with the rest of your newspapers.

Don't Get Sassy With Us!

A little known fact is that there is also a popular drink similar in flavor to that highlighted in the "Best of" issue under the category "Best new bar drink," the Sassy Sally. It isn't actually a new drink, in fact I am sure the combo of vodka-soda-splash of cran-lime wedge has been around for years. However, if this sounds mighty tasty and you don't have the budget for the Milky Way, go see Rick at the Neurolux (who in our opinion is the best bartender of Boise) and ask for the "Pink Slipper," a drink name he coined one day when I decided I didn't want to ask for a vodka-soda-splash of cran-with a lime wedge anymore. I'm pretty sure that Rick's version would make the sassy sally seem sissy.

--Bar Flies #2248 and #33,


Editor's note: Keep it straight, flies. The drink you describe is almost a "Sally Barnes," but even the Barnes is made with mandarin vodka. The Sassy Sally is made with pomegranate-flavored vodka.


In response to your "Best Male Cleavage Award" which you gave to Josh Ritter in this week's Best of Boise edition: I had the privilege of photographing Josh at his recent concert in Stanley, and two things should be noted: the first is that Mr. Ritter now has a plethora of updated photographs which compliment his fine physique and impish good looks. The other is that nary a man-boob could be found, nor needed to be "photo-shopped" out of any said photographs. I believe it is written in the good book of Biff 10:14, "Thou shalt not make fun of thy brother's man-boobs, lest thy burn in hell" or something along those lines. Very uncool of you to do that to one of our finest Idaho musicians. He deserves better, and so do we. Play nice with the other kids.

--Wendy Meyers,

Just a Girl Photography,


Phones Are For Squares

You people should really try to keep the reality in your writing (BW, Best of Boise, "Best Bar That Communicates Through Pigeons: TK's," September 27). Having been a very close friend of the owner of TK for 35 years, I know that a "'tude" doesn't come from him unless provoked. The peon that you sent to TK was asked for ID--that's the law--and produced what was almost unrecognizable as such. Thus, the peon was not served. Show up at my joint and I would do the same thing.

The reason for the lack of phone service is to keep assholes such as you and your yuppy puppy staff from wasting their time by calling to ask what the specials are. There ain't no fucking specials, OK. Just a good drink at a fair price.

--Doug White,


Who's Really for Sale?

On behalf of the Otter Campaign, Pete Cennarusa wrote a letter of July 31 that portrayed Jerry Brady as "Idaho's own Ted Turner" whose campaign is a "cynical money machine" and who dishonestly "IS FOR SALE" to wealthy, out-of-state liberals and big-government elitists ...". This is not true.

If you visit the Idaho Secretary of State's Web page and look at campaign disclosures, you can view both Brady's and Otter's latest disclosures. Otter's contributions from out of state contributors totals 49.5 percent of his total contributions disclosed. Big money corporations like Citi Group, Ida Bank PAC, Zion Bank, Q-West, Amerigas, US BANCORP, Regence, Novartis, Pacific Corp Energy, Bechtel, Glaxo-Smith, and other pharmaceutical, energy and insurance organizations.

Now, take a look at Jerry Brady's. Brady's contributors from out of state total 12 percent of all the contributors to his campaign. Very few are not just regular citizens and include the Democratic Governors Association, IBEW Education Committee, United Steel Workers, Drexler Family Trust, and Southwest Airlines, but most are just regular citizens.

So, which candidate for governor is for sale to wealthy out of state types? Certainly not Jerry Brady. Jerry Brady, the only candidate truly "for Idaho."

--Mark D. Reaney, Jr.,



In last week's Best of Boise Issue, we got a few things wrong. Mike and Kate, the third-place radio morning show, are on 105.9 f.m., not 93.1. Our readers' favorite radio station and news source, the NPR station 91.5, goes by the call letters KBSX, not KBSU. Bandanna run and walk has two n's, not the one we gave it. And the macaroni and cheese at the Bistro at Andrae's does not have jalepenos in it. According to the chef, it's made with pepper jack cheese.

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